About MOMA

Who is MOMA?

Minnesota Operators of Music & Amusements (MOMA) is an association founded in 1968 on the idea of operators of coin-operated amusement machines coming together for the greater good of our industry on a social and business level. MOMA promotes high business and ethical standards by encouraging cooperation between members. We hope to grow dart and pool competition which helps bars and taverns prosper.

Tournament History

In 1980, we held our first state pool tournament and in 1985 we followed with our first state dart tournament. MOMA is dedicated to the recognition, promotion, and growth of competition statewide. We have grown to have our members not only in Minnesota but also in the surrounding states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.​

Giving Back

Fundraisers and raffles are held at the annual tournament where we host nearly 3,000 pool and dart players from around the state for 4 days.​ The money raised by these efforts go to our MOMA Scholarship Fund and also to local charities. In 2020, MOMA donated money to the ALS Association (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota Chapter).